The first Sikh family came to Botswana towards late seventies They were deputed to BDF

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About Sikh-in-Botswana


The first Sikh family came to Botswana towards late seventies. They were deputed to Botswana Defence Force under Indian Training Team. By 1982, there were five Sikh families in Gaborone when we applied for a piece of land to the Department of Surveys and Lands, Government of Botswana.  We were allocated land at a concessional rate meant for community services.  By 1987, many more Sikh families arrived in Botswana from Zambia, Kenya and India.  A decision was made to construct a Holy Gurudwara Sahib on the piece of land allocated to us.

The plans for Gurudwara Sahib were prepared by Mr. Ravinder Singh Bajaj and Mr.Gurbir Singh Ghai. After approval of plans construction of Gurudwara Sahib was commenced in 1988. Most of the construction work was undertaken through “KAR SEWA” which means physical service by members of the community without remunerations. Most of the materials were received as “DONATIONS” not only from Members of Sikh Community but also from members of other communities.

Construction of first phase Gurudwara Sahib was completed in 1990 and subsequently further improvements continued.  Sikh Community had built a Beautiful Holy place in 1990 consisting of Main Hall and in addition, we had Guest Rooms, Priests Residence, Sports Hall and Community Kitchen/Dining Area (Langar Astham).  We had regular weekly Diwan and Langar Service at Gurudwara Sahib.

As the time passed, the community kept growing and we found that Main Hall and Langar Asthan were not big enough to accommodate the community members and visitors particularly during celebrations of Major Functions.

Majority decision was taken during a General Body Meeting of Sadh Sangat in the year 2008 that we should consider either Expansion of the existing premises or construction of New Gurudwara Sahib at bigger land elsewhere.  Since no suitable land was found it was decided to embark on expansion of the existing premises.


Some of our Members took the lead and construction committee was formed which took upon itself to co-ordinate various activities such as Architectural, Structural, Electrical, Mechanical Designs etc.  We wish to record our sincere thanks to all above. 

The Construction activity commenced in 2009 and the Holy Temple Extended premises are now ready and is to be Inaugurated on 09th December 2012.


We are grateful to all who have generously contributed to complete construction of the New Extended Premises. The new premises can now accommodate up to 400 personnel in the Main Hall.  In addition we have Guest Rooms for visitors, Granthi’s Residence, Library, Administration Office, a modern kitchen and a spacious Dining Area.

Weekly congregations are held every Sunday and in addition Six Major Functions are celebrated in a year with full fervour.  We always have large attendance representing all religions on major functions.


Sikhs are very proud of their culture and attach full importance to sanctity of Gurudwara.  We emphasize that all must follow norms “MARYADA” while visiting Gurudwara Sahib.

Sikh Gurudwaras are open to everyone all over the world.  Sikh religion does not believe in caste, colour and creed and recognize no distinction of wealth or social position in Gurudwara.


Sikhs have a spirit of enterprise, zest for life and love for the soil.  They possess entrepreneur skill and have been actively involved in Technical Enterprises in Botswana.

There are + 40 Sikh families in Botswana.  They are in Business, Civil Servants in Government Departments, Teachers.  Sikhs in Botswana have succeeded from Zero growth to High Life due to their extra ordinary energy, drive, ambition and imagination in uplifting their lives.

Sikhs in Botswana respect all other religions and have regular visitations to other institutions.





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